TRB – 220 beacon

TRB – 220 beacon

Power Consumption
Lamp versionAs specified (from 3 to 110W)
LED versionUp to 30W
MotorAverage 2.5W
Power Input
DC Version9 – 36VDC
AC Version (requires additional equipment)110 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Light SourceTideland TF-3B OMNIBUS® II, high temperature
3 or 6 place lampchanger, MaxiHALO-60RB (LED) or MLED-Retro
Drive SystemBrushless DC motor; gearless direct drive
Acrylic Moulded Flash Panel110mm focal length, Catadioptric Fresnel Lens
Glazing330mm UV-resistant acrylic
Lens Configuration
Standard220mm Hexagonal
VentilationNot required (up to 110W bulb)
Rotation Periods16 rotation periods, field selectable
Standard Periods120, 90, 72, 60, 48, 40, 30, 24, 20, 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 seconds
Temperature-40° C to +55° C
Humidity100% non-condensing
Physical Size
Height851mm (33.5in) with spike
Weight20.5kg (45lb)
IP RatingIP65
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.

TRB-220 is a high intensity rotating beacon capable of providing simple and complex flash characters. This beacon can be configured to provide high efficiency in effective intensities using a wide range of low wattage marine signal lamps as well as LED light source.
Tideland Signal’s TRB-220 MaxLumina® is excellent in battery operations where a proper charge level can be maintained through photovoltaic charging from solar panels.

A 6-lens carousel, light source, gearless direct drive motor and electronic control module are contained in a watertight aluminium and fiberglass housing (IP65) with acrylic glazing and stainless steel fasteners.
Mounted on a light tower of proper height, TRB-220 gives coastal shipping up to a 20NM range light (@ T = 0.74).


• 6-lens carousel, consisting of a flash panel design with catadioptric prisms
• Operates with up to a 110W lamp without need for ventilation or cooling fans
• Brushless DC direct drive motor designed for smooth operation at low RPM
• Over 16 preprogrammed rotation periods, ranging from a period of 6 to 120 seconds
• 25 years of useful life
• Available in all IALA colours
• No scheduled maintenance for life of motor
• Accommodates Tideland’s TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS® II 6-place lampchanger, MaxiHALO-60RB (LED) or MLED-Retro
• Automatic switchover to standby lantern
• Full monitor and control access