Floatex Hinged Turnbuckle Floats are designed to provide buoyancy to submarine hose lines in order to maintain the proper flotation requirement for different style hoses and to guarantee the underwater configuration.
The floats are composed by two halves made in UV-stabilized linear virgin polyethylene. The Polyethylene used in the manufacturing process is completely recyclable (Eco-Friendly), it's fully compatible with the marine environment, and has a high resistance to UV rays.
Being linear has the advantage that it can be melted and hence repaired by hot fusion welding. The colour pigment is moulded-in and consequently not added as a coating, ensuring greater life of the colour and a big help to the environment as it never requires additional paintings, avoiding toxic dispersions in the water. Floatex polyethylene requires a minimal maintenance.
R&D laboratory daily perform tests on production samples such as tensile test, hardness test, abrasion test, UV test and Cold temperature test, colour test and other ordinary tests in the aim to ensure the quality and the reliability of Floatex polyethylene.
The floats are filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam with different density in base of the hydrostatic pressure the floats need to withstand. The polyurethane foam ensure great resistance to the leakage of air or water, ensuring unsinkability to the buoy also in case of accidental breaks of the outer shell. The polyurethane foam is 100% made and tested before production by our R&D laboratory.
The two halves are hinged together at one side, and fastened at the other end by means of an adjustable turnbuckle device to ensure optimal clamping with the pipe. All the metals parts are in AISI 316 stainless steel.
All the floats are clearly marked and registered in accordance to current norms and established regulations. These floats are duly tested in accordance to our internal Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures, and conforming to GMPHOM specifications and requirements. Test certificates are issued following final test results.

Floatex Hinged Turnbuckle floats are splitted in two main categories in base of the operative water depth, 0-40 mt and 40-80 mt.
Clearly Floatex floats are able to withstand also deeper water depths upon request of the client.