12, via Cave - Provaglio (BS) ITALY
(+39) 030 98.23.255

Rotomoulding department

Floatex manufactures all the outer shells of its production thanks to the new state of the art carousel type rotomoulding machine.

The machine is equipped with four independent arms, an oven to allow four meters spherical mouldings,
and a a temp logger system to control the production process.
Moreover the machine is equipped with a phase of cooling to avoid stress on materials after the phase of “cooking” in the oven of polyethylene powder.

The machine, fully dedicated to the production of marine use rotomoulded  products, is complete with a self-driven access platform and overhead travelling crane, allowing best possible mould and moulding machine service access.

The machine has a monthly production projected capacity of 240 tons P.E. powder total products.
on 24 hours for 5 working days/week.