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Expanded polyethylene department

The main scope of this division is to manufacture the inner core of expanded polyethylene for anchor pennant buoys, chain supporting and chain through buoys, Y piece and concentric reducer, fenders, marker buoys and other custom made soft solutions.

The material is closed cell and typically used for its great resistance against compression and impacts,
its high thermal insulation properties and its resistant to water.
The Expanded Polyethylene inner core is very commonly used in our production range since ensure a great quality and unsinkability feature to the final products.

The Expanded Polyethylene division takes care to thermo-weld the layers of materials, both by hand and through the automatic wrapping machine, to reach the outer dimensions of the item requested.
The lot of production utilized to manufacture the core of the products are always tested in our R&D Laboratory and checked by our QC to ensure a full control and maintain the same level of quality during the years.